The Black Gold Foundation aims to raise awareness about inequities in the global coffee trade and explore ideas to improve the lives of coffee growers around the world.

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An extract from an article first published in the Huffington Post in October 2013 Sustainability in coffee means different things to different people, but at its heart, it’s about a healthy succession of the industry — from farmers to consumers, and everyone in between. To this end, coffee and capitalism are seemingly at odds with […]

It seems that most of the coffee producing areas of Latin America are facing a major environmental shock – leaf rust. This disease is sweeping though the continent, rendering coffee bushes useless, devastating harvests and potentially wrecking the livelihoods and food security of millions of small farmers. We will be posting more in depth articles […]

This is an extract from an article in the USA online newspaper, The Sentinal. It helps to highlight an issue that is becoming increasingly vocalised by those in the coffee industry; the distinction between trading fairly and of FairTrade certification. A number of responsible roasters and coffee shops (primarily independents) are building direct-trade relationships with producers, […]

Part of my role at the Black Gold Foundation is to encourage people who are involved in the coffee industry to write articles or comments for the BGF blog. There is no shortage of issues to write about but most people who agree to write for us or to provide comments all seem to be […]