The Black Gold Foundation aims to raise awareness about the inequities in the global coffee trade, and ideas that can improve the lives of millions of coffee growers around the world.

The Foundation was established by filmmakers Marc Francis and Nick Francis following the international release and success of their film ‘Black Gold’ which has been seen by millions of people in over 40 countries around the world.

The film continues to have an enormous impact in raising awareness about the inequities in the global coffee trade and mobilising thousands of people into taking action on many levels. It was in response to the question from audiences “What Can I Do?” that the Black Gold Foundation was set-up.

The film’s message is that it will take consumer education, political advocacy by ordinary citizens in rich nations, and the willingness of coffee corporations to change their policies to improve the plight of the world’s small coffee growers – who continue to suffer despite the recent rise in the international coffee price.

The Foundation will become a hub for new ideas and a space to innovate the global coffee industry. Each year we will focus on a different aspect of the industry and draw attention to it through a detailed report, multi-media productions and a public event. We will continue to push for great coffee and a great coffee industry.

We will be publishing a regular blog with contributions from experts in the coffee trade – roasters, importers, NGOs, farmer organisations, academics. These will help to inform and educate people, stimulate debate and hopefully help us to make some progress on changing the coffee trade in the future.

To continue to do this we need your support and would encourage you to donate to the Foundation to support all of our activities. The Black Gold Foundation is a collaboration between Marc and Nick Francis and UK registered charity, the Lorna Young Foundation.

We aim to create and launch an education resource website to support schools, colleges and community organisations with materials and information for the classroom. You can support this work.

The Lorna Young Foundation

The Lorna Young Foundation is a small, innovative UK-based charity that works primarily with small farmer organisations in developing countries. As part of its mission, the LYF works closely with the Oromia Coffee Farmer Cooperative Union (OCFCU) in Ethiopia, working through local partners to support the development of skills and expertise in business planning, marketing, supply chains and climate change mitigation.

The LYF was set up in the memory of the late Lorna Young, one of the pioneers of fair trade coffee. In the early 1990’s, Lorna secured the first supermarket listings for fair-trade coffee in the UK; she died in 1996.


Speakit is the film production company behind ‘Black Gold‘. Founded by Marc Francis and Nick Francis, they specialise in telling global stories about the most pressing issues of our time.