An Unusual Way to Add Value to Coffee Beans

Now, here at the Black Gold Foundation, we are always on the look out for examples of where coffee farmers have found innovative ways to add value to the coffee beans they grow. We’ve brought you stories about farmers diversifying into other crops, or roasting and packing their own coffee. but this is probably the most unusual value adding venture we have come across.

Farmers in the Phillipines discovered some time ago that a local small mammal – the civet – likes to eat coffee cherries. Whilst the flesh of the fruit is digested by the civet, it passes the bean through its dung. The farmers collect the dung and recover the beans, which by this time, have had much of their usual bitterness taken away through the digestive enzymes in the civet’s stomach.

Unbelievably, the coffee beans are in huge demand around the world and fetch premium prices. Nature and enterpreneurial farmers working hand in hand.

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