Are Corporations Now Occupying Fair Trade?

There is a growing backlash against the power and behaviour of banks and corporations, as we all wake up a little bit more to the way they go about their business. This argument slips over into the World of trade justice and fair trade, brought to the front by the recent split by Fairtrade USA (previously known as Transfair) from FLO, the International Fairtrade Labelling Organisation. Many argue that this split was driven by a desire to cosy up to the major corporations and make it a lot easier for them to certify their products as fair trade. Fairtrade USA claim this will massively increase the volume of fair trade sales, whilst critics argue it is a sell out to corporates and undermines the core values of those fighting for trade justice.

This article throws some light on to this issue and helps to unpick some of the more intricate issues around this debate.



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