Black Gold Standard

At the Black Gold Foundation we love great coffee. But, to us, great coffee means more than just great tasting. We believe that for coffee to be truly great it should, at the very least, be:

• Sustainably grown by farmers, who get a paid a decent price
• Sold through a short, traceable supply chain
• Sold or served by people earning a fair wage

We think these are pretty simple and achievable principles that coffee importers and roasters, retailers and coffee shops can aspire to.

But, it doesn’t really matter what we think; we want to know what you think. Our goal is to start a conversation about this, involving consumers, growers, importers, roasters, traders and multinationals. To get the best ideas from everyone and look for a consensus that the whole industry to work towards.

We are not trying to create another ethical “badge” to stick on products, or to enforce strict rules and bureaucracy. We do think that, if we can reach a consensus amongst everyone involved in the coffee industry, from growers to consumers, then we could publish the agreed principles and they could be self-regulating – coffee companies publicly stating whether and how they are working towards them and consumers holding them to account; and celebrating when they achieve them.

So, whether you are a consumer, a farmer, a coffee importer, the CEO of a multi-national or a barista in a local coffee shop, please let us know what you think – even if you think there is no problem to solve. We want to capture all sides of the argument, but particularly, good ideas for moving the industry forwards. You can leave your comments below this post, or you use our Facebook and Twitter pages to help get the discussion moving.

So, what are you waiting for….

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