The Black Gold Foundation aims to raise awareness about inequities in the global coffee trade and explore ideas to improve the lives of coffee growers around the world.

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Drinking coffee may have a benefit, besides the usual “pick me up” that many rely on to get their day started. But many who partake in the beverage have no idea of the impact that their caffeine habit has on coffee farmers across the globe. A new study published this week in the the   New […]

  This May 2012 article in the UK Observer Newspaper, by acclaimed environmental and ethics journalist, Lucy Siegle follows the climate challenges faced by coffee farmers the World over and how coffee producers in Peru are attempting to tackle these.    

Liz Evers has been the Communications Manager at Twin and Twin Trading Ltd since 2011. A long-time supporter of fair trade, she has a background in sustainable development and ethical finance. The name Twin may not be familiar to those outside fair trade circles. But this small, hard-working organisation is the driving force behind many […]

Interesting article about Bolivia’s budding coffee industry. It suggests that Bolivia could become a major player in coffee production since its wealth of high-altitude soil provides perfect refuge for beans as global warming forces crops to higher ground. Click here  to read the article by Jean Friedman-Rudovsky.