The Black Gold Foundation aims to raise awareness about inequities in the global coffee trade and explore ideas to improve the lives of coffee growers around the world.

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In the 1970s and 1980s, coffee was the leading export commodity for Kenya. By local standards, coffee growing areas were affluent with well-developed infrastructure. Children born in coffee growing households were assured of a decent education. Coffee co-operatives were a government unto themselves. They owned large investments across all sectors of the economy. Kenya’s economy […]

The Institute for Food and Development Policy/Food First analyses the root causes of global hunger, poverty, and ecological degradation and develops solutions in partnership with movements working for social change. The Struggle for Food Justice in Fair Trade (By Christopher M. Bacon, Kaelin Holland and Eric S. George) “For decades smallholder farmers and food justice advocates have […]

Bruce Mckinnon is the director of Mission Brand which provides strategy tools for organizations primarily in the fair trade movement. Bruce started in fair trade in 1993 by developing the marketing to launch Cafedirect, the UK’s first fair trade coffee brand. After 4 years he joined Equal Exchange to evolve their brand and build their first marketing department. Bruce’s […]

As discussed by Ian Agnew of the Lorna Young Foundation , the certification of coffee has become increasingly prominent in the last 10 years. However, the wide spread use and variety of these certification systems raise some important and often difficult questions: Are these schemes producing the effects that they claim? How can consumer, producers and others make sense of the options […]